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Expert Child Care in St. Paul, MN

Nursery School | St. Paul

Thank you for your interest in A Child's View. Allow us to introduce ourselves!

We have been serving the families of Saint Paul and surrounding communities with expert child care since, 1983.

Our infant, toddler and preschool programs are housed in beautiful little neighborhood daycare centers that are equipped to delight and engage your child. Our knowledgeable and experienced teachers guide your child's development, making early learning experiences warm and memorable. Our small group size and exceptionally low staff turnover provide a secure and stable environment in which children thrive. School readiness is seamlessly integrated into the daycare curriculum, so that your child will be ready for the challenges ahead when she leaves our program.

A Child's View is a family run program. We strive to give you top quality child care at an affordable cost, convenient and accessible services, and open, honest communication. If you are looking for a family-focused program run with a personal commitment to quality, we invite you to consider "A Child's View."

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