In the toddler program, children continue that remarkable growth, nurtured by their teachers, and focusing on:

Social-Emotional Development (learning about self and others)

  • Playing with others and learning to be part of a group
  • Developing self-control and learning to act cooperatively
  • Asserting their independence
  • Learning toileting, eating, and other personal care skills
  • Learning to listen to directions

Physical Development (learning about moving)

  • Developing their large muscles (walking, running, jumping, climbing, creative movement)
  • Developing their fine motor skills (playing with blocks, puzzles, trucks/cars, art materials, etc).
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Cognitive Development (learning about the world)

  • Exploring their environment, indoors and outdoors
  • Engaging in pretend play
  • Discovering the world of science and nature
  • Exploring sensory, music, and auditory stimulation

Language Development (learning about communicating through words)

  • Listening to stories and poems (learning about rhyming, rhythm, pictures, and print)
  • Experimenting with drawing and writing
  • Participating in conversations (understanding and using words…more and more each day!)